Linux - Desktop Eviroment tabella cpu e ram

Desktop enviroment da installare nella tua distribuzione linux valuta e scegli:


Fedora 17 screenshot
Window Manager: Metacity (GNOME 2.x); Mutter (GNOME 3.x shell)
File Manager: Nautilus
Office Suite: GNOME Office (which includes AbiWord and Gnumeric)
Music Player: Rhythmbox
Video Player: Totem
CD/DVD Burner: Brasero
Games: GnomeGames
Widget Toolkit: GTK+
 Required RAM 768 MB
 Required CPU 400 MHz


Ubuntu 12.04 screenshot
 Required RAM 1 GB
 Required CPU 1 GHz



 Required RAM512 MB
 Required CPU 1 GHz
Window Manager: Muffin
File Manager: Nemo


Ubuntu MATE 14.04 Screenshot

 Required RAM512 MB
 Required CPU 800 MHz
Window Manager: Marco
File Manager: Caja
Text Editor: Pluma
Graphics Viewer: Eye of MATE
Document Viewer: Atril
Archive Manager: Engrampa
Terminal Emulator: MATE Terminal


Kubuntu 12.04 screenshot
Window Manager: KWin
File Manager: Dolphin
Office Suite: KOffice
Music Player: Amarok
Video Player: Dragon Player
CD/DVD Burner: K3b
Terminal Emulator: Konsole
Education: KDE Edu
Widget Toolkit: Qt
Required RAM615 MB
Required CPU 1 GHz
Window Manager: Xfwm
File Manager: Thunar
Media Player: Parole
CD/DVD Burner: Xfburn
Task Manager: Xfce Task Manager
Widget Toolkit: GTK+
Required RAM192 MB
Required CPU 300 MHz


Lubuntu 12.04 screenshot
Window Manager: Openbox
File Manager: PCManFM
Task Manager: LXTask
Terminal Emulator: LXTerminal
Widget Toolkit: GTK+
Required RAM128 MB
Required CPU 266 MHz


Bodhi Linux 1.1.0 screenshot
Window Manager: Enlightenment
File Manager: EFM
Web Browser: Eve
Terminal Emulator: Eterm
Widget Toolkit: Elementary
Required RAM64 MB
Required CPU 200 MHz


Razor-qt screenshot
Required RAM192 MB
Required CPU300 MHz

 Name of Desktop Environment / WindowManager RAM  CPU  Type
 GNOME 3.x shell (Fedora 17) 248 MB 1-2 % desktop shell (GNOME 3.x-based)
 Unity (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) 218 MB 1-4 % desktop shell (GNOME 3.x-based)
 MATE (Linux Mint 13) 205 MB9-10 % desktop environment
 GNOME 2.x shell (Lubuntu 11.04) 191 MB 1 % desktop shell (GNOME 2.x-based)
 Cinnamon (Linux Mint 13) 175 MB 11-12 % desktop shell (GNOME 3.x-based)
 GNOME 3.x Classic (Fallback Mode) (Lubuntu 12.04) 141 MB 1-2 % desktop shell (GNOME 3.x-based)
 KDE 4.8.2 (Lubuntu 12.04) 131 MB 1-3 % desktop environment
 Razor-qt (Lubuntu 12.04) 117 MB 1-2 % desktop environment
 Xfce 4.8 (Lubuntu 12.04) 106 MB 1-2 % desktop environment
 LXDE (Lubuntu 12.04) 82 MB 1-2 %desktop environment
 OpenBox (Lubuntu 12.04) 76 MB 1-2 % window manager
 Enlightenment (E17 Standard) (Lubuntu 12.04) 72 MB 1-14 % desktop environment
 JWM (Lubuntu 11.04) 58 MB 1 % window manager
 Fluxbox (Lubuntu 12.04) 55 MB 1-3 % window manager
 IceWM (Lubuntu 12.04) 53 MB 3 % window manager